Flynn Murphy is handsome, mouth-wateringly sexy and incredibly rich. He’s also the new owner of Carra House, one of Ireland’s finest historical houses and the primary instrument of his revenge on those who have wronged him in the past.

His wolf-like eyes hide a secret and the time has come to settle old scores and to ensure that those who barely remember him, will never be able to forget him again. But will his ruthless pursuit of vengeance for the past, cost him the chance of a future he never imagined possible.

Handsome man and pretty woman kissing

Liberty Rose – world famous television reporter, best-selling novelist and philanthropist returns to the west of Ireland, the place where she grew up, for the wedding of her daughter. To the outside world it appears she has it all – international career, good looks, wealth, two children and a happy marriage. However, all is not as it seems and her success has come at a price. Now the emotional upheaval of her daughter’s wedding throws a harsh spotlight on her own marriage and unavoidable truths must be faced. But matters are complicated by the presence of the only other man she has ever loved. A man she hasn’t seen in twenty-eight years and with whom she still shares a raw chemistry. He makes it clear he wants to deal with their “unfinished business” but is getting tangled up with her past any good for her future?


Ryan Kennedy is the definition of tall, dark and handsome and along with his success, he seems to have it all. However, Ryan is a man haunted by the past. The time has now come for him to face all that happened before and to finally try and put the past to rest.

After eleven long years he has returned home to the wild beauty of the West of Ireland coastline, to a place that formed him in so many unimaginable ways. He must reach out to those who hurt him the most and lay his heart on the line but these were the people who destroyed him before and will seeing them again prove his salvation or his ultimate undoing…


Book One In The Omega Security Series

Someone To Come Back To Book One In The Omega Security Series

Lieutenant John Sullivan of the U.S. Navy SEALs is used to control in all things and especially when it comes to love. He has one rule.
A recent mission gone wrong sees him seeking refuge at his cabin in the Adirondack wilderness, a place where he goes to deal with the things he has to do as part of his job.
Dr. Maggie O’Brien, Senior Trauma Surgeon at Hillview hospital, New York is dedicated to saving the lives of her patients, leaving her little time for anything resembling a personal life.
When it comes to love she has one belief.
A work related crisis sees her fleeing New York for the seclusion of the Adirondacks where her burnt-out body and weary soul crave solitude .
The last thing John Sullivan wants whilst he tries to deal with the emotional aftermath of his last mission is the distraction of a fiery red-head with curves that would tempt a saint.
The last thing Maggie O’Brien wants as she finally takes some time to examine her life is to deal with her body’s unwelcome response to the bossy, over-bearing man who rescued her in the woods and who drives her crazy in every way.
Soon, though, each realizes the other may not be what they want but what they need.
However, ghosts from the past and shocking events from the present shake John to his core and lead him to make a fateful decision that may just cause him to lose the woman he loves, forever.

All books for sale on various Amazon sites worldwide in Kindle or paperback formats.

6 thoughts on “Books

  1. I am halfway through with ” Someone to Come Home To”, and I’m just loving it. I am immediately wondering when the next installment is coming up for grabs. I am happy that I have the other three books to read though. Please make me happy and say that the second book is coming out soon. This is my first read of your books, and I think it is awesome. Wow indeed.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi Laleh! Thank you so much for your kind words. I’m delighted you are enjoying Someone To Come Back To so much. I can confirm that you won’t have too long to wait till the second book in the series is released. I am hard at work on it and it should be releasing in early February. All going well! I will be keeping readers updated on progress via my newsletter and my author page on Facebook so if you follow me there or receive my newsletter then you will be one of the first to know. I hope you also enjoy the other books and that they can tide you over till then. All the best and kindest regards, Roisin.


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