Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!

In honour of the day that’s in it, I’ve reduced my boxset – The Coming Home Series – to 99 cents. The price reduction will last till the end of the month and all royalties will be donated to The Red Cross Humanitarian Crisis in Ukraine Appeal.

The Coming Home Series is my little box set of three novellas based in Ireland. Each story features the main character returning to Ireland to reconcile with their past.

In Remember Me, the very gorgeous billionaire Flynn Murphy returns to exact revenge on those who wronged him in the past but he gets way more than he bargained for. 

In Unfinished Business, Liberty Rose returns to Ireland for the wedding of her daughter to the son of her ex. Old passions simmer beneath the surface, secrets are revealed and Liberty is forced to face up to the reality of her own marriage.

In Over Your Dead Body, Ryan Kennedy returns to Ireland to face the past that haunts him every day. He needs to confront those who destroyed him but he doesn’t know if seeing them again will prove to be his salvation or ultimate undoing.

Each story takes place against the backdrop of the beautiful west of Ireland. So if you’d like to immerse yourself in the beauty of the Emerald Isle – today’s the day!  Just click the link below to be taken to the sales page.


I’m afraid I have to run now and get ready to go to the pub. Saint Paddy’s Day celebrations await! I hope you have a great day. Lá Féile Phádraig shona duit!

Too Hot For TikTok

Oh the trials and tribulations of being a romance writer. If it’s not one social media site refusing to let you post your content because it’s too sexy then it’s another. Now it’s TikTok’s turn! I spent ages putting a post together for The Games We Play only to be told it’s “inappropriate” and promptly had it banned. So, I figured rather than waste all my efforts and since this is my space, then I’ll post it here! Enjoy.

Cover Reveal!

Here it is! Drum Roll please!

I can finally reveal the cover for The Games We Play – Book Three In The Omega Security Series – releasing on May 27th 2021. The wonderful cover designer Hang Le has done it again and brought the magic. I hope you love it as much as I do.

The book is currently available on pre-order for the special pre-order price of $2.99. It will be releasing straight into Kindle Unlimited and will be going to full price on 27th May. So don’t delay and grab your copy today! Click the pre-order link here >> https://readerlinks.com/l/1819028


“I’m only going to say this once, so listen carefully. There is not going to be a you and me.”

Behind his seductive smile and piercing blue eyes, ex naval intelligence officer Sam Taber hides a world of disappointment, pain and heartbreak. He conceals it all behind a cocky, devil may care facade and is content to find fleeting intimacy in the emotionally empty world of easy hook-ups and one night stands. He doesn’t care if he’s seen as a player with no heart. The shattered pieces of his heart are safely locked away in a steel vault and that’s where they’re going to stay.

Gina Gallinaro, former New York prosecutor, is looking for a quieter life in Little Creek, a small town in the heart of the Adirondacks. Burnt out and exhausted she’s looking forward to a slower pace of life, making new friends and maybe even finding something meaningful in the relationship department. Therefore, it takes her all of two seconds to shoot down Sam Taber’s offer of fun times and no strings attached sex. The only pity is, their chemistry is off the charts and those ice blue eyes of his do peculiar things to her insides. However, she’s had her fill of the games guys like him play back in New York. She’s making a fresh start – in all things.

However, when Gina’s world comes crashing down, Sam is uniquely placed to understand what she’s going through and when a lethal predator puts her life in danger his special skill set is just what’s required to keep her safe. The only problem is, the closer he gets to Gina the more his own defenses come tumbling down and the steel bolts around his heart start to give way. Incredibly, he’s being given a second chance at love but the question is, can he reconcile what happened in the past and get out of his own way or should he simply walk away?

I’m so excited to finally be bringing Sam and Gina’s story to you! I’ve totally fallen in love with this kind hearted but complicated man and adore the uncompromising but fun loving Gina. The sparks fly between these two, so buckle up and settle in for the ride because this book isn’t called The Games We Play for nothing!

Free Steamy Romance Books Bonanza!

Hey there! It’s the first day of Spring here in Toronto and it’s the most gloriously sunny day with an endless sky of blue. It’s a real lift to the spirits after what’s been a very cold winter and one that has seemed extra long due to “the virus that shall not be mentioned.” I’m going to dust off the cushions in a little while and sit on the deck with a good book. I might even choose one from the freebies on offer in the March / April Romance Superstars Giveaway currently being run on Bookfunnel. With two hundred books to choose from there’s something for everyone and they’re all full of steamy sexy times – just the way I like ’em! If you fancy finding a new author or are just looking for your next great read, then click the image below and have a look at what’s on offer – I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.

Included from me in the giveaway is an extra long excerpt from Someone To Come Back To – Book One In The Omega Security Series. This excerpt is meant as a “try before you buy” sample, so that you get a good idea if John and Maggie’s story is one for you without having to buy the book. Enjoy!

The Luck Of The Irish!

Hey there! Well, we’ve made it to the middle of March and you know what that means… yep, Saint Paddy’s Day! And in order to celebrate, I have a fantastic giveaway to share with you!


All you have to do is pick your favorite color of the rainbow to find out! 🌈 Then your name will be thrown into the Leprechaun’s hat and you’ll be in with a chance to win a signed paperback from one of the amazing romance authors featured in the graphic below! Oh and there are also some bonus prizes for entering.

Just click on the link below and watch the magic happen in your messenger inbox 😃 (You have to be on Messenger to participate.)

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Free Steamy Reads To Warm Up With In March!

Hey there! I’m not sure what March is looking like in your neck of the woods but it’s minus five with snow on the ground here in Canada. That means it’s perfect weather to curl up with a good book – preferably one that heats you up from the inside out! Who doesn’t love getting lost in the pages of a great story with a hot new book boyfriend? And it just so happens I’m part of a promo involving thirty-six other authors all offering free steamy stories until March 7th. For more info just click the link below!


Announcement! Kindle Unlimited

As of December 2020 – ALL my books are in Kindle Unlimited!

I’m not usually a Kindle Unlimited author. However, in recent months I’ve had a number of potential readers contact me to see if my books would ever be in KU.  They explained that due to financial pressures as a result of COVID the only way they can afford to keep reading at the moment is through KU.  So, in order to give these readers a chance to read my books and others who may be struggling financially, I’ve decided to put my books into Kindle Unlimited for now. 

Someone To Come Back To and All The Little Pieces – Books one and two in the Omega Security Series are in KU and all my novellas are there in The Coming Home Series Boxset. My individual novellas remain outside KU so that if anyone wants to try and sample my writing and storytelling style, they may do so for minimum cost by buying a single novella.

I’m not sure how long I’ll leave my books in Kindle Unlimited for – three or six months – but it definitely won’t be any longer than that.  To be in KU Amazon insists authors can’t list our books on any other retailer sites and I’m afraid I take issue with this policy.  So, if you or anyone you know who has a KU subscription, want to try my books – then now is the time! Just click on the links at the bottom of each image to get started.

Happy Reading! Much love – Róisín

Book Three In The Omega Security Series

It’s official! Book three in the Omega Security series is in production and it has a title! I can’t tell you much about it at this stage, only that we are headed back to the Adirondacks (where the series began!) and book three will focus on Sam (the Little Creek mechanic from book one who lends Maggie his old F150 truck) and Gina (Maggie’s defence lawyer). The sparks are already hopping off the page between these two!

Of course some of the other Omega characters will make various appearances and that pain in everyone’s ass – Joker – will be up to his usual tricks.

I can tell you that book three has even more romantic suspense elements and a nasty piece of work who is hellbent on getting his revenge on Gina. However, he doesn’t bargain on  going through Sam Taber and the Omega Security crew to get it. Oh and then there’s Gina’s Nonna and her four-legged fur ball of fury!

The publishing date has yet to be set and there’ll be an update on that soon but in the meantime I can reveal the title of Book Three in The Omega Security Series is – drumroll please! – The Games We Play.

Title announcement

All The Little Pieces

So, I released another book… yup, All The Little Pieces – Book Two In The Omega Security series released on 19th July 2018.  Hadn’t heard? Well that’s no surprise really because I didn’t tell anyone!


In keeping with my reverse marketing approach, I hit the publish button and that was it. This wasn’t intentional and as a matter of fact I had a totally different release strategy planned for this book (yes, I had an actual plan this time). However, my impulsive nature got the better of me (again…) and I changed the plan about three quarters of the way through and decided to set up a pre-order on Amazon. Unfortunately, when I did this, I didn’t realise it would then lock me in to the date I had set for publication – the 19th of July.

Then, of course, life decided to kick my ass and things other than writing had to take priority, so it was all I could do to just meet the publishing deadline.  Marketing and promotion efforts went out the window and things became quite manic!

Throughout it all I had my lovely editor – the wonderful Sheryl Lee – waiting patiently for the finished product. I thank heavens for her incredible understanding and patience!

Shery Lee

The lovely and ever so patient Sheryl Lee!

In keeping with tradition, I asked her to give her editorial opinion of All The Little Pieces on release day.  It’s a bit late but here it is.

“Nobody writes a book about damaged people finding their way better than Roisin.

From the very beginning your heart bleeds for Ruby and you’re in her corner, willing her to let out her pain so she can heal.

Ruby and Snake are two people with troubled pasts. Ruby is a complex person, a person who can’t allow herself to face her demons and overcome them. She is pretending she has put her terrifying experience at the hands of terrorists behind her, but inside she is a broken mess.
Snake could have followed a very different, dark path in his life, but instead he chose the
higher, perhaps more difficult way. He is strong, protective, caring, and perceptive. He sees through Ruby’s façade into her broken heart and he wants to help her to heal.
The situation is complicated, there are secrets on both sides, and Ruby has a long, long way to go before she can be part of a couple. Snake is willing to do whatever it takes to keep her safe and help all her little pieces become whole again.
Roisin writes from the heart. Her characters are not perfect, they are three dimensional, real people. Ruby and Snake come off the pages and into your heart, and you won’t forget them for a long, long time. Fortunately, you don’t have to as there are more books to come in this series, and Roisin has given us a tantalising glimpse into the direction the series is headed, and it’s a cracker.”
So there you have it! All The Little Pieces  – Book Two In The Omega Security Series is available at all good digital retail outlets a click away from you and in paperback on Amazon.
It’s currently on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and ibooks and will be on Kobo soon. Just click the links below.
3D Mockup of All The Little Pieces

Mother’s Day

In my novel Someone To Come Back To, Dr. Maggie O’Brien seeks the seclusion of the Adirondacks for some peace and to undertake some clear-headed thinking about her life. One of the things she finally faces with brutal honesty is her relationship with her mother and her contribution to that relationship and how she hasn’t always been fair to her mother. She realizes what most of us realize at some point – the breathtaking amount of work and effort her mother put in to ensure she and the rest of her family had a happy and as smooth running a life as possible. I’m sharing the excerpt here in honour of all the Mothers on Mother’s Day – enjoy!

“She remembered her last boyfriend Tim, and his pleas to her to leave the E.R. and get engaged, to become Mrs. Taylor and follow him to a life in the burbs, from where he intended to commute to work every day and leave her rearing their children.  His vision of domestic bliss had only revealed itself under the influence of a lot of alcohol at the staff Christmas party and Maggie had realized there and then their relationship was over.  It had spluttered on for a few more months, mainly due to their hectic work schedules but Maggie had finally ended it.

The idea of her as some sort of housewife, trying to juggle domestic commitments with raising children was the stuff of her own personal horror movie.  She could barely manage her life as a single woman, never mind trying to keep small people alive and cared for.  And there was the rub, the thing she didn’t understand, the thing she wanted to put under a microscope and examine forensically and the thing she was simultaneously terrified to look at.

She was a successful trauma surgeon, a key member of the E.R. team at Hillview.  She was an intelligent, accomplished woman, excellent at her job and committed to her work.  But that’s where her success stopped.

Her apartment was a disaster zone.  It was constantly a mess. She struggled to keep on top of the basics such as washing, ironing and cleaning.  Her bills were consistently overdue and she’d had her phone and power disconnected on more than one occasion.  She barely had time to shop, never mind cook and her diet consisted basically of take-outs and frozen dinners.  And this for a trauma surgeon!  She knew if she kept going in this vein she’d be bringing a major trauma on herself.

Then there was her social life. Apart from the occasional drinks with colleagues and the few times a year she met up with former friends from university, she didn’t have a social life.  She didn’t do anything.  She seemed to remember a time when she used to go for a run or a bike-ride but there just didn’t seem to be any time in her schedule anymore to do those things.  And then there was her sex life.

Hmmmm… she thought to herself, I’m back to that old bogey.  She simply didn’t have a sex life.  Other than a fumble with an intern about a year ago, she had zip, nada, zilch.

No wonder I’m swooning over some guy I met in the woods, she thought baldly to herself.

How was it her life differed so greatly from her father’s? He had worked the E.R. all his life and had always been impeccably turned out, not slinking into work in yet another crumpled shirt and the same pants for three days in a row.  He had eaten like a king and found time for a walk every day, his “constitutional” he had called it.  His bills were always paid promptly and she never remembered a time when their phone or power had been disconnected.  He had always had time to spend with each of his kids every day.  She barely had time to herself.  He had been her hero and she had grown up wanting to be just like him.

Hillview had welcomed her with open arms, delighted to have the daughter of E.R. legend Dr. Dan O’Brien on staff.  And she was doing her best to live up to that legend.  She’d always thought that was what she wanted and in the beginning it had felt great.  She’d been totally buzzed up following in her eminent father’s footsteps but after a few years and the sheer grind of the E.R. the buzz had started to fade.

She loved her job but lately it didn’t feel the same.  Was it the changing nature of many of the cases they dealt with such as the increase in stabbings, gun-shot wounds, and worst of all battered and abused children or was she burnt out?  Did she need to go into a saner part of medicine, to specialize, and work scheduled hours, maybe even just during the day?

Her father had worked E.R. all his life until the day he retired, he could never have imagined doing anything else.  Why then should she not be able for it?  Why was she struggling to balance her work life with some semblance of a personal life?  Why, for God’s sake, was she lucky if she had a clean pair of panties to put on in the morning!

The answer, of course was back in Bay Ridge in the perfectly maintained brownstone she had grown up in.  But it wasn’t the answer she wanted. It was the answer, the truth of which, she refused to acknowledge.  However, here she was in the middle of nowhere, a place she had driven over five hours to get to so she could have some peace and solitude to finally figure out exactly what it was that had been bothering her for months now.  She had promised herself it was a time for brutal honesty, so there was no point hiding behind half-truths and fairytales.

The answer took the form of Kitty O’Brien her indomitable mother and a woman with whom she had a less than straightforward relationship.  She’d always laid the blame for the type of relationship she had with her mother squarely at her mother’s feet but the thought had been slowly formulating over the past few months if that was strictly fair.  And now, sitting here on this glorious morning, looking at the incredible scenery before her and actually spending time alone, sitting and thinking, she had to finally face the unpalatable fact she hadn’t been fair to her mother at all, not one little bit.

Kitty O’Brien had been a doctor in her own right and if any of the comments from some of her father’s colleagues were to be believed, had been a brilliant and gifted physician.  However, her career had been sacrificed upon the altar of motherhood and domestic servitude.  Maggie was aware her mother had kept working for a few years after she was born and even after the birth of her brother Patrick but had never gone back to work after the birth of Lucy.  Maggie always assumed that had been her mother’s choice but now she wondered how much of a choice she’d actually had.

Even nowadays it was difficult to successfully juggle a career with a home-life, she was single with no kids and couldn’t pull it off.  She could only imagine how impossible it would have been for a woman of her mother’s generation, who, after dealing with the general criticism for choosing to be a working mother,  would have been expected to handle all of the child-rearing and housework as well.  As much of a hero as her father was to her, she never recalled him once cooking a meal or vacuuming the floor, much less cleaning a bathroom.

She cringed as she recalled her unadulterated adoration of her father while at the same time all her mother had got from her was grudging acknowledgement at best and snooty disdain most of the time.  No wonder, her mother’s response was a guarded prickliness.  She had kept the cogs of all their lives running so smoothly for so long, none of them had even been aware of it.

The house had always been immaculate, a perfectly cooked meal was on the table every evening, impeccably ironed clothes were ready to wear every morning, homework was supervised every night, football games, swimming, drama recitals and school plays were never missed, bills were paid on time and holidays were planned with military precision and no special occasion went unmissed.

In later years her mother had even volunteered at a local women’s health clinic.  Maggie had been vaguely aware of her mother being highly regarded by local women, obvious in the affection they demonstrated to “Dr. Kitty” whenever they’d met any of these women on public occasions.  However, she had been too focused on her father as the hero to consider her mother might actually be just as equally regarded.

“Damn,” Maggie swore to herself as she shifted uncomfortably in her seat, no wonder her father had been able to pull off a thirty year career in the Emergency Room, he’d had the unequivocal, total and absolute support of his wife who had managed every aspect of his life.

All he’d had to do every day was get up, put his perfectly ironed clothes on, eat the breakfast his wife had prepared for him and go to work.  He hadn’t needed to worry about where the food was coming from or who was going to cook it, how his dirty clothes were going to get cleaned and ironed and put in the wardrobe or who was going to pay the bills.

Of course he could just have fun with his children because the homework was already done and he’d never had to take time out of his busy day to carefully plan something as mundane as a family holiday, much less do all the packing for it.  It was easy to go and be super-doctor every day when you had a whole other human being managing every aspect of your life.

And there was the problem, Maggie didn’t have the equivalent of her mother, or anyone remotely close, to manage her life.  Disgruntled, she got up from the chair and went back inside the cabin.  She had finally faced up to what had been niggling at her for so long but how to solve it?  She was hardly going to find herself a wife any time soon…….”